Maximum Restoration

Disaster Restoration Services

At Maximum Restoration, we are committed to our clients. We believe the true measure of our performance on any disaster restoration in Dayton is whether we fulfilled our client's expectations, made a lasting contribution to their home, and consistently honored their best interests. We believe that every client and every new project is an opportunity to build, not just the home, but a long term relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

With our years of experience in the disaster restoration industry, we can offer a complete range of contracting services. This range of services assures you of competitive pricing, prompt service, and single-source accountability.

Our Dayton Disaster Restoration Contractor Provides the Following:

  • Insurance Restoration
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Fire Damage Cleanup
  • Fire Restoration
  • Fire and Water Damage Restoration
  • Property Damage Repairs
  • Emergency Water Damage Repair
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Fire Damage Repairs
  • Storm Damage Repairs
  • Flood Damage Repair
  • Residential Restoration

Water and Flood Damage Restoration in Dayton, OH

Water Damage Repair

Water damage, whether caused by heavy storms or leaky pipes, can range from mild to severe. The longer the property and its contents are exposed to wet conditions, the more damage to be repaired. It also runs a health and safety risk due to the potential for mold, mildew, and other forms of bacterial and fungal growth. Maximum Restoration has the experience and training to handle it all. With top of the line restoration specific drying equipment, dehumidifiers, air movers, moisture meters, antimicrobials, and odor neutralizers, we are the professionals you can count on to get your home or office back to pre-flood condition. Being educated, prepared, and experienced is a must for our team. We value your property as if it were our own and take great pride in our level of expertise and ability to keep you completely informed throughout the entire process.

Fire Damage Restoration in Dayton, OH

Fire Damage Restoration

Once the fire is out, and the fire department has rolled up their hoses, the questions and work have only begun. Maximum Restoration is a full service restoration company ready to respond and help guide you through the process. Maximum has dedicated many years to consoling, advising, and rebuilding customer’s homes and lives. We have the training, experience, and manpower to offer top quality construction services. Most importantly? Our goal is to be a compassionate, informative advisor from the beginning to the end.

Smoke and Soot Damage Removal in Dayton, OH

Smoke Damage Removal

Smoke, ash, and oily soot will lead to extensive corrosion, etching, and discoloration, not to mention the lingering and powerful odors. There are many companies out there that advertise their ability to restore smoke damaged homes and items but do not have the proper training and certifications (IICRC) to do the work to the highest of standards. Maximum Restoration has invested in extensive ongoing education and training to make sure we are the most qualified to handle your family’s valuables. From the plastic bowls and knick knacks to the cherished crystal, heirlooms, and family photos, we take great pride in carefully securing, cleaning, and restoring your most prized possessions.

Disaster Cleanup in Dayton, OH

Content Cleaning

Water, fire, smoke, and mold can cause some serious harm to personal contents and possessions in your home or business. Maximum Restoration has a state of the art cleaning facility specifically designed for the complete and comprehensive process that goes into the restoration of your valuables. We have a detailed inventory system in place that includes photographing, documenting, and packing your items to safely transport to our facility. Your contents will be delicately cleaned to pre-loss condition, stored in a secure, temperature-controlled facility, and returned once we have completed all the repairs to your home or business.

Mold Removal in Dayton, OH

Mold Removal

Maximum Restoration understands the need for quick response when mold is an issue. The longer the remediation is delayed, the more damage is done and the higher the cost of the restoration. Because we are an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification) certified business, we have been vetted, trained, and approved to inspect and treat mold by the highest of industry standards. The EPA has listed many health hazards related to mold, and we all know that when/if you are selling a home that has mold, it is pertinent that it not only be disclosed, but treated properly. Do NOT trust your mold problem to just anyone! And SERIOUSLY QUESTION a company that not only comes out to “test” for mold, but offers to “treat” as well. This is a MAJOR conflict of interest. Though we can inspect, we leave the testing to someone else and focus on getting your home or office back to pre-mold condition.

Odor Removal in Dayton, OH

Odor Removal

While some forms of odor removal can be done by a homeowner without any technical experience, the more stubborn and unpleasant smells need to be left to the professionals. Maximum Restoration has access to several proprietary odor removal techniques and products capable of penetrating multiple surfaces to neutralize and eliminate odor in the most safe and professional way. Don’t let odor affect your quality of living. We make the difference that matters.

Biohazard Cleanup in Dayton, OH

Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazards are contaminants that are dangerous due to the potential health risk for any untrained person to deal with. Chemical contaminants, sewage backups, hoarding, and death due to accidents, suicide, or homicide are not only a potential environmental hazard, but many times has an emotional attachment as well, making this type of restoration a sensitive area that must be handled with professional care and consideration. At Maximum Restoration, we understand all facets of such trauma and take a cautious and careful approach to make sure the needs of the family or business undergoing such a stressful situation are met. We are well equipped with the necessary safety apparatus, environment friendly cleaning equipment, and specialized products used to ensure complete cleanup and safety for areas that were contaminated. A sensitive situation lends itself to the necessity of hiring a company that does its very best to follow the motto: People. Passion. Purpose.