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What To Do When A Pipe Bursts

Turn off your main water When your pipe burst you need to stop the water from flowing. Completely switch off the water using your main shut off valve for your home. This valve could be in your basement or near your water heater. Turn off electricity to the affected part of your home This a ...
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Can Your Electronics Survive a Flood?

Water and electronics just do not get along well. Water exposure can cause serious damage to electronic devices to the point where they are may be irreparable. Whether your devices were dripped on or submerged by a flood, they are likely to be damaged and malfunctioning while still wet. ...
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Who is Responsible for Damage to a Rental?

You moved into a rental and kicked it off nicely with your landlord. Things are going well until the property gets damaged by mold or water. There are several situations that would mean different things for a landlord and the tenants. It would decide who would have to pay for fixing damages....
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