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What Makes a Good Restoration Company?

A good restoration company provides professional restoration services to residential and commercial properties. Services may include repairing or restoring property damage related to fire, smoke, or water. Trusted restoration companies understand it’s a burden to deal with damages when...
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Preparing for Thunderstorms and Tornados

Most property owners are no strangers to severe weather, but when it occurs we encourage people to prepare for the worst. Every year, severe weather causes costly damages from flooding, hail, and strong winds. Understanding the most common forms of severe weather where you live can hel...
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Flood Safety at Home

Flood Safety at Home   There are several hidden dangers that could be overlooked when your home is flooded.        •First, to prevent further damage:      •Get pets and children onto higher ground.      •Move...
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Working With Insurance for Recovery 

Working With Insurance for Recovery     If you have a loss at your home or business, many restoration companies will work with your insurance and they will be able to help you determined what your coverage is.      However, for your own peace of m...
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What To Do When A Pipe Bursts

Turn off your main water When your pipe burst you need to stop the water from flowing. Completely switch off the water using your main shut off valve for your home. This valve could be in your basement or near your water heater. Turn off electricity to the affected part of your home This a ...
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