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mold remediation in Huber Heights, OH

Huber Heights, OH Mold Remediation Experts

For full-service mold remediation in Huber Heights, OH, call the mold experts at (937) 203-0123. Maximum Restoration has the experience, training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property ASAP.

Mold Remediation Services in Huber Heights, OH

Effects of Mold Damage

  • Damage to Structures as Mold Feeds on Organic Materials
  • Surface Stains
  • Unsalvageable Belongings
  • Illness from Inhaled Mold Spores
  • Loss of Property Value
mold remediation in Huber Heights, OH

What makes us different than other restoration companies? We hire local people who care about our communities. Our team is compassionate, patient, and understanding of the loss that has just occurred. We understand no matter how big or small the loss may seem… it is ALWAYS a big deal to the person going through it!

Mold is virulent, spreading quickly and efficiently through your home or business and presenting serious health risks if not addressed. Minimizing these health risks is of utmost importance, making a quick response time crucial. With years of industry experience, the Maximum Restoration team has the professional knowledge to handle all your mold remediation needs. Contact us for mold remediation services in Huber Heights, OH, and the surrounding cities.

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