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mold inspections in Kettering, OH

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Mold Inspections Services in Kettering, OH

Effects of Mold Damage

  • Damage to Structures as Mold Feeds on Organic Materials
  • Surface Stains
  • Unsalvageable Belongings
  • Illness from Inhaled Mold Spores
  • Loss of Property Value
mold inspections in Kettering, OH

As we guide the homeowner through each step of the process, we communicate regularly and thoroughly, through action and not just empty promises. We show the homeowner his/her property, valuables, and time are taken seriously and with great care.

Mold can cause severe health problems and is capable of spreading swiftly through a home or business when left untreated. Due to these health risks, it's imperative to address a mold infestation as quickly as possible. The experts at Maximum Restoration have years of experience in the mold removal industry. Contact us today for complete mold removal services in Kettering, OH, and the surrounding area.

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